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What a year

Same time last year none of us would have ever expected 2020 to have such a vast impact. A year with an intensely growing sentiment of profound change happening – globally – on various levels. Going to the very core of our existence as human beings and our future. 
Confronting us as society with some of our weakest spots as well as our greatest strengths, it has been – and still is – an extraordinary challenge for many of us. So my first and sincere question to you is:
How are you?
I hope you’re safe and the pandemic with all it’s associated side-effects hasn’t been hitting you too hard? And if it did, you still haven’t lost faith that things will definitely get better again – eventually.

On our side I can say that personally, the analogvibes crew and our families, are good and we made it through the chaos quite well so far. But for the analogvibes project itself it has been tough. We definitely feel the effects the crisis brings along. The supply chains are facing massive delays, many parts have extremely long lead times and shipping can take much longer, too.
We actually planned more projects for 2020 such as the 2nd run of the UA176, but at some point we had to face the truth, that it won’t happen this year.
At the moment we’re still focussing on finally being able to deliver the complete kit for our Tube Program Equalizer many of you have been waiting on so extremely patiently. And even though we’re 98% through and already finished the first prototype unit with the parts actually included in the kit, the last 2% seem to take forever.

Nonetheless the analogvibes community has been constantly growing – actually even more than ever before! The analogvibes Facebook group consist of more than 5k members by now and counting.
Even though the entire DIY thing hasn’t been our idea at all, it seems the way we made DIY more accessible with analogvibes has helped to open up the idea of creating your own legendary gear to a broader audience. And even made it into many of the relevant recording magazines – at least over here in Europe, such as „Sound & Recording“ and „Professional Audio“. The latter also featured an article on analogvibes in its current yearbook of 2020 highlights, which is absolutely amazing!

The article is in German – here’s a PDF if you’re interested:

Speaking of highlights, the real highlight for me personally is how the analogvibes community evolved.
The countless encouraging emails I received from many of you, that reinforce the image of my original vision of analogvibes, that its core essence is not only providing physical kits of legendary studio gear, but using these kits and our common dream to be able to create music with these wonderful pieces, as a vehicle for self empowerment.
To push your own boundaries – ultimately not only leading to creating amazing music in a more organic and soulful way again, but also to experience the impact of creating things with your own two hands that seemed completely out of reach. And believe me – if you’re new to the scene – that impact can be huge!
That’s why we do analogvibes and that’s why this project makes totally sense for me 🙂

Alright now, enough pathos for today – let’s get to the news and jokes ;D


New Build Guide!!!

We actually do have some news for you, and even though they might not be funny, at least they might be very valuable to many of you – especially those of you who purchased a Tube Program Equalizer chassis set in the past and haven’t gotten around to actually build it.
I created a comprehensive step by step build guide for those of you who ordered the Tube Program Equalizer Complete Kit, and we decided to make this guide available to all Tube Program EQ chassis set buyers as well!

It’s 42 pages with hundreds of photos and it will be of tremendous help during the build process:

If you click on the picture you can see the preview - you'll get the full version with your chassis set.

So, if you purchased a TPE chassis set in the past, the new guide will be automatically added to your analogvibes account. Please check your account and download the guide from there.
If you haven’t already created an account back then when you purchased the kit, please do so and get in touch with Stefan ( so he can connect your former order to your new account (unfortunately this has to be done manually).
If you’re thinking about purchasing a Tube Program EQ chassis set in the future, this guide will be included with your purchase

Ok, folks – we’re positive that things will get better again in 2021 and that we can finally proceed with all our plans for analogvibes – one of which will be the 2nd revision of our UA176 vari-mu limiting amplifier re-creation, but there’s definitely more to come ;).

Stay safe, stay positive & most important – stay tubed.

Let others know about our analog passion:

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