Important Complete Kit Update & your final choice

Hey everybody,

I know an update is long overdue and some of you already got in touch with me directly.
This update, including a video, was almost ready two weeks ago, but then everything changed dramatically
So we needed some time to deal with the new situation and to find a good solution for everyone – and I think we did.
As some might say (coming from our community): everything will be good at the end or it won’t be the end.

So please read this newsblog, watch the video and then fill out the form below with your choice.

But first - what happened in the meantime?

More then a dozen of „almost Complete Kits“ were shipped!
As I offered it in the last newsletter, some of you already grabbed the opportunity to have their kits shipped without the transformers and have the transformers shipped separately as we literally have every single component in stock except for the audio transformers for a pretty long time.

All of these kits have already shipped and I picked and packed all components for these kits myself in order to find out how to streamline the process when shipping all the rest of the 100+ preordered kits.
I can tell you it was quite a task – here’s some impressions:

One of the things I found out during the process – there’s no way I’ll do all the rest of the kits alone – right Stefan & David? *hint

Now, the big news - something unexpected happened

I made a little video to explain the whole story – so please take your time and watch the video until the end – very important!

Creating a full kit for the very first time has been a huge challenge for me and the analogvibes crew and what we learned for sure that it’s not only a whole lot more complex compared to making authentic chassis sets (which are all manufactured here locally), but also to avoid any single points of failure – cause that’s exactly what happened with the transformers.

After we successfully managed to go through the several stages of grief – denial, anger, depression and acceptance – we finally started to see it from positive point of perspective: we can finally move on and finish what we started. And, we are so stoked that this will finally give us the opportunity, once the Kit has been successfully delivered, to shift up a gear with analogvibes and finally launch some new projects for you guys.

The new/old transformers and your options

So as explained in the video we go with the transformers we had in mind in the first place when putting together this kit. Here are the two options I was talking about in the video: 

No.#1: staying with the Complete Kit

shipped in 12-14 weeks

after everybody made their choice we will order the transformers

Sowter 3603e

High quality Pultec input transformer

Hammond 832A

broadcast quality interstage transformer – exact same specs as original Triad HS29

Sowter 9530e

High quality Pultec output transformer

your kit price remains the same

No.#2: going with the almost Complete Kit

shipped very soon

after everybody made their choice we get going

Link to suppliers

Sowter 3603e
(choose „threaded grommet“ version)
Hammond 832A
Sowter 9530e
(it has to be the “e” version!)

special transformer bundle

€250.00 voucher for each kit you ordered

The new roadmap(s)

June 6th

Feedback & decision time

Making sure we reached everybody.

June 6th

E-Paper Update

Updating the Complete Kit epaper series, including the BOM, wiring layout & building guide.

12-14 weeks

Option 1: staying complete

Production of the new transformers. 
Preparing and assembling the kits.

12-14 weeks

Option 2: going almost complete

Picking & shipping of the almost Complete Kits. Lead time depending on how many (2-4 weeks max).

1 – 2 weeks

Shipping Complete Kits

Packing the kits for shipping & preparing for customs.

1 – 2 weeks

Your final choice

So now, as I explained in the video, here is the short form where you please choose your option for your (almost) Complete Kit.

Thank you a lot for going through this with us. It means a lot to us and we will be able to continue to make more legendary gear accessible to everyone in the near future.
(You can either use the form directly here on the page or hit the button)

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  1. Jason Harvey

    Fascinating project, it’s very rare that I’ve seen such dedication to keeping a classic piece of equipment alive as much as possible at price poins that aren’t for the .001%. I give you my gratitude and full respect, gentlemen. I absolutely love the kit aspect – Heathkits and others like them are much missed. I hope to see more products of yours in the near future as well! How about the full pdf manuals, too, so I can see & understand all the work & genius involved ? Thank you beyond measure…

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