Build your legends.

Why bother with digital emulations of vintage gear when you can have the real thing?

we enable you to build the legendary vintage studio gear you've always dreamed of

Now you can build your Legends!

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…analogvibes was born from the idea to not only re-create these vintage pieces of legendary gear, but to enable you to learn how to bring them back to life for yourself. In a nutshell this means:



Tube Opto Compressor

Ask any sound engineer or artist out there to name one of the most iconic tube compressors ever made – the majority would certainly say it’s the Teletronix LA2A. With its extremely silky sound and unrivaled simplicity of controls it’s the go-to weapon for most engineers when it comes to vocals or bass…

Tube Program Equalizer

If there is a holy grail of vintage tube equalizers, the Pultec EQP-1A is certainly it. A true legend of which the magic can be heard on countless records from the golden era of analog recording to the present day. The passive design of amazingly smooth filters paired with a tube amplifier…

Pultec EQP1A Tube EQ DIY kit
Pultec MEQ Tube DIY kit

Tube Mid Range Equalizer

Most of what can be said about the EQP-1A is true for the MEQ-5 as well: turning the knobs to dial in the EQ feels like a knife going through grandma’s finest handmade piece of butter.
Only this time you cover the “power-range” of frequencies – try it on guitars and you’ll be amazed…

Vari-Mu Limiting Amplifier

Hardly anybody would disagree if we call this wonderful Vari-Mu tube compressor the «epitome of ultimate tube mojo». Released back in 1961 by Universal Audio it can be seen as the predecessor of the world famous UREI 1176 even though the 176 is a completely different animal…


Ultimate Tube Mic PSU

This unique mic PSU chassis kit is the first and only one in the world that makes it possible to build an authentic looking PSU for simply any vintage tube mic out there without drilling a single hole – be it a Neumann U47, M49 an AKG C12 – you name it…


Legendary music

needs legendary gear

» analogvibes have created the most authentic and beautiful recreations of vintage classic studio gear available. «


James Englund

Crash Symphony Productions
Sydney, Australia

» Words can’t describe how
proud and excited I am to have these built with my own two hands. 


Joël Côté Bergevin

The Audio Workshop,
Quèbec, Canada

» In the past DIY used to
look like DIY.

Well, thanks to analogvibes –
not anymore. «

Adreas Koslik

Film Composer,
Berlin, Germany

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