Tube Opto Compressor Chassis

what you get

  • true-to-the-original authentic chassis kits
  • made & engineered in Germany
  • anodized 2-piece aluminum back chassis powder coated front panel & rack ears
  • all cut outs for every single component: no cutting, drilling or filing
  • awesome, fully illustrated build manual/step by step guide with tips & wiring layout
  • detailed Bill Of Materials with links to every single component & even a Mouser cart


important note

– please check the description below – you might need adapter plates for the input & output transformer

– additional costs for required components: approx. $ 850.00 USD / EUR 750.00 (BOM version)

Delivery time: 4-7 work days within Germany*

249.00  (296.31  incl. 19% VAT if applicable)

excl. 19% VAT

plus Shipping Costs


This legendary tube opto compressor without a doubt is one of the most iconic compressors in recording history. With its extremely silky sound and unrivaled simplicity of controls it’s still one of THE go-to weapons for most engineers across the world when it comes to vocals or bass. But obviously it will shine on many other instruments that gain from its unique compression behavior and sonics. With this chassis kit – a faithful re-creation of the vintage design, the awesome and extremely detailed, fully illustrated step by step guide & wiring layout and the bill of materials with all links to every single component you’ll need, you are finally able to add this legendary tube opto compressor to your outboard arsenal without spending a fortune, but yet remaining a 100% up to par with the original legend in terms of quality, sound & looks. 

PLEASE NOTE: The chassis kit is designed for the original UTC HA-100x input- and UTC A-24 output transformer, so you could also go all vintage if you want to. In case you want to go with the replacements suggested in the BOM by Sowter, you need to add Sowter adapter plates (listed below). Also if you wanna use a vintage UTC A-10 input transformer instead of the HA-100x we offer an adapter plate for that as well.


The free "Build Your Legend Series" that will enable you to build your own legendary tube opto compressor from scratch

+ the ultimate step by step guide with no step skipped:

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 13.2 × 48.3 × 7.5 cm
available adapters


required skill level

★★✩✩✩ (almost foolproof due to the awesome 60-pages step by step guide, detailed wiring layout etc. ;D)

additional costs for required components

approx. $ 850.00 USD / EUR 750.00 (BOM version)

6 reviews for Tube Opto Compressor Chassis

  1. Seb

    Amazing kit, it’s mostly a rebuild of original than just a diy kit. It’s been a great pleasure to build and play with it. I love it.

  2. Andreas Koslik (verified owner)

    Martin created a whole environment for the DIY enthusiast, where everybody can jump right in and heat up the solder iron without an engineering degree or spending 2 years in the net to gather all the important infos.
    He takes you by the hand and explains really every bit of the process together with the necessary knowledge, what you are doing in every step. That’s fantastic. The built quality is outstanding, in the end you will have a sturdy unit, that looks and feels like an original and will age nicely with you and your music 🙂 These things are proven classics and when you listen to it, you will know, why. It’s such a good experience to run your audio thru a self built unit !

  3. Claudio Mariola (verified owner)

    I have been considering building the LA-2A point to point for a while, and finally the perfect chasses set became available from Analogvibes.
    The build quality of these chasses is outstanding. Also the step by step manuals that come with it are very detailed and well explained. Most importantly the bill of materials allows you to make your orders in one mouse click.
    Great job Martin, thanks.

  4. Neal (verified owner)

    I had looked for a LA2A kit for years. Thank you Martin . The LA2A I built sounds some where between awesome and amazing. Wiring diagrams were spot on perfect . I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Martin and Analog vibes a real PTP LA2A would have been out of reach for me financially. I love this compressor

  5. caderoberts777

    I have one of martins offerings. Great quality. love it. thanks Martin

  6. Bernd Pfeffer

    Phantastic Case, the build Quality is just outstanding ! The Faceplate looks just brilliant and all parts just fit perfectly together. For shure this La2a Case is one of the best made cases I ever had in my whole DIY history !

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