Tube Mid-Range Equalizer Chassis

what you get

  • true-to-the-original authentic chassis kits
  • made & engineered in Germany
  • Hammer finish powder coated back chassis
  • Silk screened front and back panel
  • Original style hammer finish powder coated filter enclosure
  • Massive 5mm (13/64″) powder coated front panel
  • faceplate color sampled from a vintage Pultec
  • all cut outs for every single component: no cutting, drilling or filing
  • Illustrated wiring layout
  • detailed Bill Of Materials


important note

– please check the description below – you might need adapter plates for the input & output transformer

Delivery time: 4-7 work days within Germany*

249.00  (296.31  incl. 19% VAT if applicable)

excl. 19% VAT

plus Shipping Costs


This legendary Midrange Tube Equalizer is the perfect companion to the Tube Program EQ! 3 bands of cutting & boosting ranging from 200Hz to 7Khz using the same passive filter design as its bigger brother followed by a tube make up amp.
This box sounds so smooth and musical it’s simply ridiculous!

After I finished my first Tube Program Equalizer, I knew I had to get the midrange tube EQ, too. Well, and after I built my first midrange tube EQ and tried it in a mix, it was like “damn – I need another one!”

Just like the Tube Program Equalizer this chassis kit was designed following the original specs of a vintage unit, including all holes and cutouts for every single component needed, plus the filter enclosure to be mounted to the back of the main chassis.

Of course a BOM and the wiring layout are included!

PLEASE NOTE: The chassis kit is designed for the original Triad input & output transformer, so you could also go all vintage if you want to. In case you want to go with the replacements suggested in the BOM by Sowter, you need to add two Sowter adapter plates (Sowter Adapter Tube EQ). 


Complete bill of materials

Handdrawn wiring layout

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 9.0 × 48.3 × 20.0 cm
availble adapters


available adapters

Sowter Input & Interstage (the same adapter as used for the input & interstage transformers for the Tube Program Equalizer – also fits input AND output of the MidRange Tube EQ)

required skill level

★★★✩✩ (amp circuit even simpler than the Tube Program EQ, slightly more "complex" filter section, wiring layout included but no step by step guide yet)

2 reviews for Tube Mid-Range Equalizer Chassis

  1. caderoberts777

    I have a pair of these built as well. Everything to be expected from Martin and his offerings. Perfect! Scot Tulsa Ok

  2. greg (verified owner)

    Amazing, quality constructed chassis both in fit and form. Even more fun to build! Thanks Martin! Gregory Smith, CA, USA

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