Big Complete Kit Update!!!

Folks, we’re almost there!

The first batch of transformers arrived and as soon as I returned from our family vacation I started to build the prototype unit with the kit parts and took tons of pictures along the way, so I can finally create that build guide for you.


Wanna know how the biuild went?
here’s a little video:

As explained in the video we’re still waiting on the rest of the transformers. In the meantime we’ll have to sort the stacks of parts and components we have here by now which will take us a while. Then we can finally prepare your kits for shipping.

I know you have been extremely patient till now, but please give us just a little more time – we’re almost there now!!


PS: Here are some more impressions to help you survive on the finishing straight 😉

Let others know about our analog passion:

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Hey Martin,
    Very excited for you on your Pultec Tube EQ build. Looking forward to hopefully purchasing a kit in 2021
    Mike @ MCS Recording Studio, Melbourne. Australia

  2. Hey Martin, Its been a couple of weeks since we have heard anything about the pultec. Should we be expecting something in the mail soon?
    Thomas D. Thew
    Seattle,WA 98168