News & Upgrade : Tube Opto Compressor chassis are back in stock & upgraded!

Good news everyone!

While we tried very hard in these crazy times to finally get the last bits for the preordered Tube Program Equalizer Complete kits together, we also worked on other analogvibes projects on the side.

Probably the most anticipated one (besides the above mentioned complete kits) is the latest revision of our Tube Opto Compressor chassis set!

I’m happy to announce we finally have a brand new batch of them back in stock!

And as requested by many of you, now the back panels are (screen-)printed as well!

And they look fantastic – here’s a pic of the first one I had in hands this afternoon:


Now, two things:

Quite a few of the new Tube Opto Chassis sets are already spoken for as they were preordered in our shop. And even quite a few more wanted to get notified once they are back in stock – well folks – this your official notification! 😀

Tube Opto Compressor chassis set>>

Since it’s summer holidays in Southern Germany now and we all here at analogvibes have families and kids, we’ll be on vacation from Aug. 21st until Sept. 10th. Even though we’ll try to process incoming orders during that time it will take us longer, because uhm…you know…vacation 😉
And there will be no regular order or build support during that time.

BUT all orders coming in before Aug. 20st will still ship directly.


In summary that means:

If you are one of those who have been waiting on the new batch of upgraded Tube Opto Comp chassis sets – NOW is the time.

And/or if you were thinking about building one of the analogvibes kits and you want your order to be processed right away without any „vacation-delays“ – place your order before Aug. 20st / NOW is the time 😉

analogvibes shop >>

More news for the Tube Program EQ complete kit group buy members coming up next week – stay tuned!!


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