Pre-orders for the Tube Program Equalizer Complete Kit are Open Now!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, the time has finally come!

After more than a year of searching, researching, having parts custom made & testing analogvibes is about to finalize the Tube Program EQ Complete Kit. A faithful detailed re-creation of the legendary Pultec EQP-1A for the DIY community with everything that’s needed to build a highest quality authentic re-creation of the famous passive tube Equalizer – all in one box.

The final episode of this Build Your Legend Series is finally online! In this video it’s all about the KIT and about the components included with the kit!
Also you’ll find all you need to know about the group buy and a roadmap to your KIT at this build your legends page, just click on the picture below.


P.S: Pre-orders for the Tube Program Equalizer Complete Kit are OPEN NOW!!

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  1. jaime Gartelos


    Will this complete pultec kit be available soon? I couldn’t do the first run because of money, and I’m glad I didn’t because otherwise I’d have been evicted by now. But I will be good to go in a year or so.

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