Tube Program Equalizer COMPLETE KIT – a faithful replica of the original Pultec EQP-1A

All information about the project:
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What you get

High quality chassis + every single component
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  • hammer finish powder coated back chassis
  • original style hammer finish powder coated filter enclosures (2x)
  • 5mm (13/64″) powder coated & silk-screened front panel
  • same panel thickness as vintage Pultecs
  • custom front panel color sampled from a vintage Pultec 
  • all cut-outs for every single component:
    no cutting, drilling or filing
  • made & engineered in Germany
  • original Pultec Bypass switch made by Switchcraft
  • inductor/filter coil made to original specs by Moby Electronics – potted in bees wax just like in the original units
  • high frequency filter caps custom made by German audiophile cap maker Mundorf
  • high quality rotary switches custom made by Blore-Edwards in the UK (supplier for Neve etc.)
  • potentiometers with authentic log curve custom made by Blore Edwards/UK to original specs of vintage Allen&Bradley pots
  • carbon composition  resistors as used in vintage units
  • audiophile Audyn film caps for the low freq. filter section
  • authentic can capacitor by CE Manufacturing for the PSU
  • audio grade can capacitor by Mundorf for the amp section
  • high-end Russian made Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7 6 12AU7 tubes 
  • NOS (new old stock) rectifier tube
  • high quality hook-up wire by Alpha Wire
  • Sowter 3603e – high quality Pultec input transformer made in the UK
  • Hammond 832A – broadcast quality interstage transformer with original specs made in Canada
  • Sowter 9530e – high quality Pultec output transformer made in the UK
  • authentic slotted stainless steel flathead screws
  • original terminal strips made by Keystone Electronics
  • original style pilot lamp with smooth lens
  • high quality Neutrik XLR connectors

(Bill Of Included Materials)


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