Program Tube Equalizer Chassis Kit

what you get

  • true-to-the-original authentic chassis kits
  • made & engineered in Germany
  • Hammer finish powder coated back chassis
  • Original style hammer finish powder coated filter enclosures (2x)
  • Powder coated front panel
  • all cut outs for every single component:
    no cutting, drilling or filing
  • Illustrated wiring layout
  • detailed Bill Of Materials

299.00  / 355.81  incl. 19% VAT

In stock (can be backordered)

Delivery time: 4-7 days within Germany*


You know that moment when you hear a certain sound, instrument or piece of gear that leaves you with your mouth wide open. That was exactly my experience when I heard this wonderful passive tube equalizer for the very first time. From that very moment I knew I had to have one for my studio! What this thing can do to the high-end and low-end of your signal is simply mind blowing! I designed this chassis kit following the original specs of a vintage unit and it not only includes all holes and cutouts for every single component needed, but also 2 filter enclosures to be mounted to the back of the main chassis. These boxes will house the passive filter units that are a vital part of that special sound character. With this chassis kit, the included BOM and the wiring layout, you can re-create the holy grail of vintage tube equalizers for yourself!


Complete bill of materials

Handdrawn wiring layout

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 13.4 x 48.3 x 20.0 cm
available adapters

Sowter Input & Interstage Adapter plate

required skill level

★★★✩✩ (simpler circuit than the Tube Opto Comp, wiring layout included but no step by step guide yet)

additional costs for required components

approx. $ 650.00 USD / EUR 580.00 (BOM version)


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