Ultimate Tube Mic PSU Chassis Kit

what you get

  • Heavy duty chassis kit inspired by vintage German mic PSUs
  • made & engineered in Germany
  • Hammer finish powder coated
  • Beautiful, sturdy leather handle
  • Fits all pcbs & components for every DIY tube mic project out there wihtout drilling
  • PCB outlines & project names laser engraved
  • Rubber feet

115.00  / 136.85  incl. 19% VAT

In stock (can be backordered)

Delivery time: 4-7 work days within Germany*


Having a hard time finding a nice PSU chassis when I built my first authentic replica of a vintage Neumann U47, I finally I came up with this unique mic PSU chassis kit, which is the first and only one in the world that makes it possible to build an authentic looking PSU for simply any vintage tube mic out there without drilling a single hole – be it a Neumann U47, M49 an AKG C12 – you name it…

I not only included the cutouts, but also integrated the holding brackets for the pots into the metal work and laser engraved the outlines and project names into the dividing panel mounted inside the chassis.
This ultimate mic PSU chassis kit will make building your tube mic PSU a breeze!

Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 13.6 × 12.4 × 24.0 cm
required skill level

★✩✩✩✩ (These Tube Mic PSU circuits are usually very basic, instructions are usually available by suppliers of tube mic projects)

additional costs for required components

$80.00 – 120.00 USD (depending on tube mic project), € 70.00 – 105.00


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