Finally: Tube Midrange Equalizer back in stock again


good news everyone in the middle of the global lockdown! 

After more than 6 months of absence the Tube Midrange Equalizer aka the MEQ-5 chassis set made it back in the analogvibes shop!

But that’s not all. While we were working on a new chassis version for the Tube Program Equalizer Complete Kit to bring it even closer to the vintage original in terms build structure and color, we figured – hey, while we’re at it, let’s upgrade the Tube Midrange EQ chassis too!

That decision was also partially responsible for the delay since we had to re-do all of the faceplates, but I think it was totally worth it! Here’s why:

After examining a vintage Pultec I now have at my studio I found out the faceplate was actually 5mm (13/64“) thick opposed to the 3mm (1/8“) we had in the past – it’s MASSIVE!

So just like the new Tube Program EQ complete kit faceplates all new Tube Midrange EQ faceplates are now 5mm as well!


And as you can see the color is different, too. Having a vintage unit at hand made it possible to sample the exact color – and since it wasn’t available as a standard nowadays we had it custom made for us! Originally for the Tube Program EQ complete kit, but it was the only logical consequence to use it for the Tube Midrange EQ as well.

The pic below shows a color comparison between the old and the new color on the basis of the Tube Program EQ faceplate:


And yet another surprise:

After several requests from the community in regards to authenticity we decided to have not only faceplate silkscreened, but the back panel as well!! And they look gorgeous – hooray!


Furthermore as you can see we changed the color of the back chassis from the dark grey metal finish we use for the previous version to a beautiful hammer finish similar to what was used on the vintage units!

check it out in the shop

Now some general information in regards to shipping, because we have been asked that a couple of times recently in light of the situation:

Up to now we’re still able to ship to the many parts of the world – even though it might take a little longer at times. We don’t know for how long though because the situation can change on a daily basis.

So we set up a banner  with a link to DHL that displays the latest information in regards to wether or not shipping is possible to your country.

I sincerely hope you are well and the crisis is not hitting you too hard! 

Even though the situation with the kids at home and everything can be challenging at times, I’m glad my family is well – and frankly I enjoy to have more time with my kids 🙂

Also since all studio sessions that were booked at the analogvibes studio have been cancelled, I took the time to set up all instruments and outboard I need for my stuff – so I can start recording at any time. Now I can finally get the chance to create more of my own music again instead of „only“ dealing with studio gear and other people’s music ;P

Stay well!



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