analogvibes at Studioszene 2019

What a weekend!

It was our first time attending a trade fair – and it was a blast! We created and designed an entire DIY AREA in cooperation with Studioszene! There were DIY workshops, hands-on with analogvibes gear I built over the years. We had so many people at our booth building stuff and the vibes were simply amazing! We should do things like that more often – get together and build stuff! So much more fun than working alone.

I also joined a panel discussion on DIY hosted by top-producer Hans-Martin Buff (Prince) where Jakob Erland (Gyraf) and I were guests among others, etc. And last but not least I held my first analogvibes keynote, answering the questions why DIY and how to start, why it’s a serious option and why it’s not as difficult as you might think.

After the last day of Studioszene Erik Breuer invited us to a little party at his Brewery Studios (btw welcome to the community Erik!!) and introduced me to legendary mix engineer Mick Guzauski. I also got the chance to listen to some of my own tracks through Erik’s monitors sitting at his huge SSL console. Wonderful studio and great people – we have to return there at some point.

Here are some impressions:

…and some more from Claudio who visits us Studioszene. Click here 

Let others know about our analog passion:

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